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On the Island


The Island has a lot of beautiful nature and there is a lot to do and discover. You can also do various excursions or go on your own adventure. For example, go diving at the ocean or rent an electric scooter to discover the island yourself. You can book various activities at the hotel.

Discover the seaworld

With Scubaqua Dive Center


Scubaqua Dive Center is probably one of the most unique dive centers in the Caribbean. Half of their shop is housed in a beautiful historical building once occupied by the Dutch West India Trading Company. Diving at Sint Eustatius is definitely one of the most beautiful diving experiences in the world. Do you want more information about diving at St. Eustatius? Check out the website of Scuabaqua or ask at the reception.

discover the island

With electric scooters or bikes


What could be more fun than discovering the island on your own? We offer 1 electric scooter or bike with every room in the hotel. If you need more, you can rent extra at the reception. Discovery every corner of the beautiful island of St. Eustatius.